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We are a well established production house with strong presence across the globe.

Founded by Mr Suvahhdan Suhas Angre, the company ventured into films, television, and AD films. The Company started with its First venture in 2015 with a Marathi film “Aadesh”- power of law film based on famous adv ujjwal nikam’s character. Which then was sold to ambika mata productions and Deep sea movies become the co-producer of the film. The film released on 6th oct 2017 in Maharashtra was an average hit. The second film the production house did have line produced was feature “Billu ustaad” which was under narayan films banner. Film Released on 2nd march 2018 all over india was the first film on child terrorism. It was a children’s film with a good content.



(Founder and CEO)

Raj has decades of experience working in the creative industry.


(Director of Finance & Accounting)

Roop has over decade of experience working with some big brands and multi national companies, managing their finance and accounting.


Suvahhdan Angre
(Founder & MD, India)

Suvahhdan is a Producer/Director/International Media coach and combined has over 22 years of experience in the world of Cinema.

Deepali S Angre
(MD & CEO, India)

Deepali is a producer and editor with over 8 years of experience backing her. In this due course of time, she has directed, edited several short films, music videos and ads.

Dinesh Poojari
(Executive Producer, Deep Sea Movies / Head of faculty at Seanan Media School)

Dinesh has over 18 years of experience in Production, Line production, Production design and students coordination.

Prachita Gujar
(Head of Production/Faculty at Seanan Media School)

Prachita has over 7 years in handling all production activities related to Deep Sea Movies.

Mithila Naik
(CEO, Dubai/Faculty at Seanan Media School)

Mithila is an actress and has over 14 years in the world of Cinema, ads and web-series.

Aditya Alankar
(Head of content / Casting)

Aditya has over 12 years of experience in writing, casting and head the division of creative direction.

Dinesh poojari